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I will love you for always
…I miss you

I am always here for you
…call me anytime

This is just for now
…perspective comes with time

Two sides to every coin
…you've been tossed into the air

I celebrate your successes
…I'm very proud of you

You will always be a part of me
…I will always be a part of you

Did I mention I really, really miss you
…it hurts my heart

Loving you very much…from afar

“There is a sacredness in tears.
They are not the mark of weakness but of power.
They are messengers of overwhelming grief and of unspeakable love.”
Washington Irving

Bloom where you are planted. 
(not mine, but spoken to me) 


You all are here today…
I am here today…
We meet in the safety of this place.
You belong here…
I belong here.

It is understood and we all agree
that love entwines us…
connects us…binds us together.

For we are all One.

No one is a stranger…we are all One.
There are no outcasts…for we are all One.

We are inclusive…we are love.
We are connected…we are love.

I have had heartache…and you reached out in love.
I have been battered…yet, you reached out in love.
We all have difficulties…trials…all kinds of attacks.

But, THIS is the place of belonging.
THIS is the place of safe haven.
This is your church…this is my church
WE are the church.

We all make up this church…our fellowship…
Not a building, but the people
And the relationships we've built.

My church is with you…my friends…
Your friends…and our fellowship.
This provides me safety…
And some sanity…during the storms of my life.

So…we are here today…
We are all safe again…
All of us…together…we are all One.


You are away…and I miss you…;-(

I pray that you have a wonderful adventure
I trust you will learn from your experiences
I hope you'll relax & grow during this time

I believe this is a great opportunity

I hope you find breath…& space…& peace
I trust you'll come back refreshed
I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers while

You are away…please know that I miss you…and,

You are loved very much…;-)


Our paths crossed…
I have loved you…
I will always love you.

You…touched me
You…made me laugh
You…changed me with your smile
You…helped me grow.

I think of you often
I miss you, yet—you are a part of me
I wish you happiness in your journey.

I send blessings in my thoughts & prayers…
to You.

I Saw You Today

I saw you today
It brought back happy memories
Made me smile

You use to call me your friend
We shared love
It was a blessed time

Now there is space between us
I honor you with no contact
Live your new life…enjoy

I view you from a distance
And only want you to be happy

(but I also grieve for our loss)

"…that thing you hate so much may be
the very same thing you miss when it's gone."

Scrubs 3:14



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