…a melding of Matt's music and narrations

In my life journey, there have been many chapters. Each phase helped me grow…helped me learn that my views and opinions are not the only way of seeing things…things that might work for me may not work for another…and that's okay. Most significantly, becoming a father has given me a different perspective on living.

It is with these understandings that I present the Perspectives…by Matthew series—a melding of my music and narrations. Selections within this series will feature improvised and captured "moments in time." When I sit down at the piano to create the music and narrate the words, an improvisational musical picture emerges. These are the musical moments I offer…for your own personal times of reflection and meditation.

As I continue in my spiritual path, I look forward to exploring many topics of interest.

The first project in this series features Matt's musical reflections as he narrates
the Proverbs of Solomon. While each track is 15 minutes in length,
a 5 minute preview from each is available below.

The original improvised music has also been released in the Just the Music™ series…
without narration…to enjoy during personal times of reflection and meditation.


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Everyone sees things differently…

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