The Concept…

When my wife and I started our own family, I had an idea for a long term photographic project, which we called the Month Birthday Projects. I would like to share this idea and pass it along to those who might like to do something similar with their family.

The basic idea was to take a close up facial picture every month of each child…from birth until they left home (for college). If a child was born on the 17th, we took their picture each month on the 17th...ergo, Month Birthday pictures!

Having a picture every month allowed us to see their growth in a slide show...which is what I've done. Additionally, I wrote a piece for each child…which was used as the musical background during their presentation.

There are multiple possibilities for use once the pictures are taken—a slide show or personal movie, create a unique coffee table book, etc.—it just takes a commitment each month. After 18 years, there will be well over 200 pictures!

I am providing my Month Birthday Projects as samples. While these are very personal,
I think they are good representations of the endless possibilities.

Luke's Month Birthday Project

Noah's Month Birthday Project

Adam's Month Birthday Project

Click here to view all my Month Birthday Projects on MattDNP's YouTube Channel.

Similarly, we've taken annual pictures of each child at a professional studio...around their birthday...and using one picture from each year we've created a morph representation of their growth.

Luke's Morph Project

Noah's Morph Project

Adam's Morph Project

Click here to view all my Morphing Projects on MattDNP's YouTube Channel.

The idea has been shared…the torch has been passed…let me know
if you like this concept and decide to do it with your family.

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