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a musical audiobook

improvised piano music
Origins Cover

Matt's narration &
improvised musical reflections
31 tracks…
each 15 minutes

Origins Cover

The improvised music…
without narration
31 tracks…
each 15 minutes

"Matt offers a tool that can be used by individuals who want to meditate on scripture as a source for hearing God speak to them about decisions, directions and items to release into divine hands…he has always been gifted in this way."

Dale Griffin
Dean of Spiritual Life
Oklahoma Baptist University

"…like hearing the Proverbs in 3-D
…Masterful job!"

Ray Lyon
Christian Artist


"…the narrator was the musical creator? Wow!!"

"The Proverbs of Solomon project
offers special musical meditations
that are sure to resonate
within your spirit and
help you along the path
of your own personal
sacred journey."

Jack Bloomfield
One Planet United

"I have been blessed.

I like the peacefulness of the music and the meditative tempo of the readings.

It causes me to consider the text more carefully instead of rushing through and failing to meditate on what I've heard.

The strength in using these will be that
it forces me to take a deep breath,
slow down and concentrate!"

Rev. Clayton B. Brasington III
Worship Pastor
Sheridan Hills Baptist Church

An intimate & heartfelt reading
of the Proverbs…

It's like Solomon shared
his wisdom
while playing the piano.

"Matt has done an amazing job of
providing time to reflect, process & understand these ancient wisdoms
while creating some
really beautiful music
at the same time."

"You've done a wonderful interpretation of Proverbs, both biblically & stylistically,
your music and voice work together
as a team…in short, I love it!

What a truly marvelous voice you have,
it so complements the piano work…
your phrasing, both on the piano and
the voice, is spot on.

Your use of space, silence, breaks—POWERFUL."

Rev. David Johnson Rowe
Greenfield Hill Congregational Church

"Great devotional material!

Helps me start my day in a positive, upbeat, food-for-thought kind of way!"

Rev. Keith Miller
Minister of Music & Worship
First Church of Coral Springs

"Unlike any other version of
the Proverbs I've ever heard."

"This audio book has enhanced my daily experience of the Scriptures.

The playful interaction of the piano with the Proverbs
…absolutely brilliant!"

"A great masterpiece
of musical artistry"

Rev. Kevin McGee

"I think this is fabulous.

I really found peace in listening to you and your playing is WOW…I really mean it."

Dr. Oren Hernandez

You can listen to this recording every day for the rest of your life and experience new and
insightful wisdoms each time.

"I have been profoundly touched by
your reflections on the Proverbs.

I use it when I need to be still…
it centers me with God's presence."

Rev. Patty Daniels
New Horizon United Methodist Church

Please be aware—this is an MP3 disc, containing 31 MP3 data files that are ready to download to your personal listening device (iPod) or computer. This is not a traditional audio CD containing .WAV files. Instead of creating an EIGHT (8) disc set of audio CDs for this project, we are trying to be environmentally aware...deciding instead to release all eight hours of content in just ONE MP3 disc. Additionally, since most CD/DVD players & newer car stereo systems will play this disc without problems, we think this format is becoming the new 'norm' for larger content projects…like audiobooks.

This is a 'musical audiobook' devotional tool. Using these 15 minute guided meditations to reflect daily on the ancient wisdoms of the Proverbs allows the listener to easily cycle through the entire book of Proverbs each month.


PREVIEW the music on YouTube!

             Reflections on…The Proverbs of Solomon

Just the Music™ from Reflections on…The Proverbs of Solomon             


MP3 Disc Information

Each disc within this project contains 31 tracks…one 'reflection' for each chapter of the Proverbs of Solomon…which all together comprise about eight hours of audio programming. These tracks are in the MP3 audio format. Choosing this format made it possible to offer a lot of audio content while conserving resources by including just one disc in the audio book / musical recording. This disc will play on all MP3-compatible devices, which includes all personal computers and many home and car CD players. In order to use the disc, please choose one of the following:

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Portable Music Player
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Recording Information & Credits

Title: Reflections on…The Proverbs of Solomon
Matt Johnson

Release Date: November, 2010

Produced, Engineered & Mastered by: Matt Johnson
(as well as graphics & artwork)

Record Label: Dolce & Nuit Productions

CD Numbers:
DNP4305-2: Reflections on…The Proverbs of Solomon

DNP4810-2: Just the Music™ from Reflections on…The Proverbs of Solomon

Total MP3 Disc Duration: 7 hours, 45 minutes - (Equivalent to 8 audio CDs)


Matt Johnson: piano,
narration &
harmony ball texture

view Matt's entire

The World English Bible
translation of the Proverbs
was used for this project:

Thanks to
Michael Johnson & the translation team.

Copyright © 2017 by Dolce & Nuit Productions (ASCAP). Worldwide Rights Reserved.