Create your own mixes by downloading individual tracks
from any of the eight volumes as an aid in your
yoga, massage or meditation practice…;-)

 8 hours of music in 8 volumes

Liner Notes

When I sat at the piano to create these pieces, an improvisational musical picture emerged. It is intriguing to hear the initial themes unfold into melodic & rhythmic variations throughout these captured ‘moments in time.’

These are the musical moments I offer…for your yoga practice, for massage therapy or for your own personal times of reflection & contemplation.



Recording Information & Credits

Title: Matthew's Yoga Music, Volumes 1-8
Matt Johnson

Release Date: September, 2010

Produced, Engineered & Mastered by:
Matt Johnson

Record Label: Dolce & Nuit Productions

CD Numbers:
Volume 1: DNP0104-2
Volume 2: DNP0508-2
Volume 3: DNP0912-2
Volume 4: DNP1316-2
Volume 5: DNP1720-2
Volume 6: DNP2124-2
Volume 7: DNP2528-2
Volume 8: DNP2901-2

Total Disc Time: 60 minutes (each disc)


Matt Johnson: piano,
harmony ball texture

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